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World Fitness by TheFreeway from over 40 years of industry experience production of equipment for Fitness Centers.

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World Fitness by TheFreeway from over 40 years of industry experience production of equipment for Fitness Centers.
Today we present the new series of machines for fitness centers, designed to offer their customers the best results.  Thefreeway Equipment is known for its quality and precision, you can find us in the best fitness centers.
Thefreeway offers unbeatable prices on the market.

About US

I am Termine Giuseppe, founder and president of the company TheFreeway, leader in the production of high quality equipment for Fitness Centers and fitness accessories. Our brand The Freeway can guarantee excellent biomechanics on the isotonic machine market. The perfect design of the machinery allows a correct execution of the movement that allows you to train various muscle groups. Our tools have been tried and appreciated with positive feedback from the great Bodybuilding champions, who define our work unique in the market. Our brand is committed to producing only the top as far as fitness equipment is concerned, taking care of every little detail and stands out worldwide for the extreme quality of the finishes. The forty years of experience in the bodybuilding sector of our founder Giuseppe Termine, in which he also trained and coached some of the best Italian Powerlifting champions, allowed him to learn about the defects and the needs of the machines isotonic on the market. With this knowledge he was able to create isotonic machines capable of having a fluid and correct movement that prevent and avoid trauma and muscle tearing, a fundamental element for a person who chooses to train every day.
For this we guarantee 100% that the machines will not have problems with levers or malfunctions.
We invite all owners of fitness centers, personal trainers, bodybuilders and retailers to take a look at our equipment and join our professional circuit.

My story

During my sporting career I reached goals and records for the powerlifting sector:
• Category 82.5 kg: 302.5 kg squat this result made me win the Gold medal.
• (Deadlift) 12 repetitions with 285kg, horizontal bench 32 repetitions with 125kg.

These goals have allowed me to conquer a slice of the Italian market and have allowed me to train and create a team that has managed to win numerous Italian titles and to beat several records in the powerlifting sector. My athletes and I have been an unbeaten team for six consecutive years and I still remember how honored we felt to have won the team award at the Paolo Bertoni Memorial. In the bodybuilding and Powerlifting sector I am mainly known as one of the best organizers of national competitions, as for over ten years I have organized three annual national competitions: Central Italy Championships, Italian Championships, selection for the European Championships.




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